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This is a BACKUP blog only, go to for latest posts

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This is a BACKUP blog only, go to for latest posts


Going to Seoul Next Week

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I'm going to Seoul 3rd – 6th March for business, it was a great visit about Stationery last September, took some very nice film photos as well.  Any meet up happening there or shops you think I might be interested, please message me.

This photo was taken in 10×10 cafe, a great store everybody going to Seoul should visit.

Travel Analog and Light to Seoul

Karma in the New Times Square in Seoul

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Spices of Traveling Life – aging brass with worcestershire sauce

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You might not notice this paper cover before when I customized the Traveler's Notebook Passport size for an exhibition last year.  It is too pretty to be hidden inside the leather cover so I now use it on my actual passport cover.  Not very durable though, wondering if there is any way to laminate it nicely.

From this photo (wow, this photo is on Flickr's Explore front page on 21st Feb 2010!) you may notice the newly released brass collection (pen/clip/ruler) from Midori is significantly aged nicely comparing to how they looked 10 days ago.  I actually speeded up the oxidization process by soaking them in sea salt and Worcestershire sauce for 2 days.  If you are planning to do this to your stuffs, don't forget to let air to reach the brass surface coz the process obviously need those oxygen molecules to react with copper and zinc respectively to create lusting greenish-yellow and coppery red colors.

Why Worcestershire sauce you said.  Despite the acidity I needed, it is my favorite spice after all.  It works great with V8 to produce the Virgin Mary taste I like, it is used in Hong Kong restaurants for dim sum dishes such as steamed beef meatballs and spring rolls.  Its original recipe was found last year in a skip inside a leather-bound notebook, which was bought from a stationer right next door to the original Lea and Perrins shop, see that's related to stationery too.  (photo source:

Having been using wider angle lenses most of the time, I recently fell in love with the 50mm field of view again.  It was once my secondary school dream to own a Canon F1 (which happens to have a very strong brass body as well), so after acquiring it finally last year, I've been traveling with it almost daily.  In my last trip to U.S., I had a chance to stop by L.A. for a day and I chose Union Station as my first stop and took some beautiful photos there.  No wonder so many people go there to take their wedding photos.

Worcestershire sauce, leather, brass, camera, notebook , pen etc, what do they have in common?  More than the brown and nostalgic quality they posses, they give me warmth through senses in solitary travels.

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